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Service     Delivery Time
Atlas Pro     INSTANT-24hrs

Service     Delivery Time
iphone-Avea turkey 4/4s/5     2-6 days
iphone turkycell 4/4s/5 imei's     2-4 days
iphone vodafone turkey     2-6 days

Service     Delivery Time
brazil tim / vivo/oi iphone 4/4s/5/5c/5s     24hours
GEnerico Claro Brazil     24-72hours
GEnerico Claro Brazil not found     24-72hours
GEnerico OI Brazil     24-72hours
GEnerico telecom/ brtc brazil     24-72hours
GEnerico Tim Brazil     24-72hours
GEnerico Tim Brazil not found     24-72hours
GEnerico VIVO Brazil     24-72hours
IPHONE Amazonia/ Celular Brazil     24-72hours
iphone claro Brazil     24-72hours
Iphone Sercomtel Brazil     24-72hours
iphone telecom ( BRT CELL) Brazil     24-72hours

Service     Delivery Time
GEnerico personal telecom Argentina     24-72hours
iphone personal Argentin     24-72hours
nokia 100/1616/111 claro argentina     24-72hours
nokia bb5& sl3 Movistar argentina     24-72hours
Nokia Lumia Personal ARGENTIN     24-72hours
nokia sl3 claro argentina     24-72hours
nokia sl3 Movistar argentina     24-72hours
Sony Ericsson Personnal argentin     24-72hours